Agustina Garrigou

Agustina Garrigou (1985 Buenos Aires,) is a self-taught ceramist who originally came from the world of Industrial Design. She has lived in Barcelona since 2013, where from her studio she has dedicated her energy to learning and experimenting, developing her own artistic language of textures, colors, shapes. Her work plays between the abstract and the figurative and proposes an intimate look at her own emotions. The textures that Agustina is looking for are imperfect, irregular and imprecise. These are forms that seek not to define themselves, such as their “Potatoids”, which are objects of experimentation free from the indefinite. She looks at her pieces as blank canvases where new ideas can be tested each time. We can read an organic, almost geological language from her work, as it imitates nature but in a strange and enigmatic way.

Her works have been exhibited in Hong Kong (Business of design week 2015) Paris (Les Journées de la Céramique 2018) and London (London Design Festival 2018) and Barcelona. She has also participated at the 2019 Cluj International Ceramics Biennale, (Rumania) and the 2019 Salón Anual Internacional de Arte Cerámico, Buenos Aires.

Agustina is a maker and a curious mind, she uses her work to develop her relationship to the world using clay as a plastic way to shape and understand herself and others. She seeks for empathy and honesty through her various series, where her work can be figurative and symbolic or more abstract and organic. She is always in the search of textures, which she sees as a visual representation of life.

Through experimentation in clay, glazes and firings she came to develop her aesthetic language. She began working in a more abstract, undefined and accidental way, where she says she set the “playground” for interesting accidents to happen.

Her Potatoids collection, talk about the undefined, and how we humans feel comfortable or not around it. These pieces have a non- specific “potato” shape and work as a surface to experiment with her glaze formulas, to get to these weird textures, that enhance the concept of organic undefined shapes.

2019 Solo Exhibition at Element & Co Gallery, Madrid (March).


2018 London Design Week, collective exhibition of emerging designers at the Trouping Color stand, Designjunction.


2018 Les Journées de la Céramique, Exhibition at an exclusively ceramic fair in the Place de Saint Sulpice, Paris. Exhibition only possible by invitation of the Association of Potters of Paris (Paris Potiers).


2016 Collective exhibition of potters during the Ceramic Biennial in Barcelona, ​​El Torn Barcelona, ​​Poble Nou.


2015 Hong Kong, China, Collective exhibition of the “Fishermen Bottles” collection at Zhen Porcelain Gallery, during the Business of Design Week design week, where the invited city was Barcelona- November and December 2015-


2015 Exibition of the Piccadilly Collection at Algodesign, Barcelona.

2015 Exibition of Fishermen Bottles at Algodesign, Barcelona.


2014 Urban installation for the project BCN Re.Set MEMORY, Arc de Trionf, Barcelona. Directed by Grafton Architects (Yvonne Farrell)


2010 Arqadia design contest, selected project to participate in the best designs of the year 2010 of Argentina.

2008 Feria Innovar, exibition of selected project Silla de Ruedas.

2008 Fabro contest, best design winner for the bookend “Piantao”